Types Of Handcuffs That Every Duty Officer Must Aware Of

Ramon Morales
2 min readMar 19, 2021


Undoubtedly, cops and their tactical gear go hand in hand. They have to carry several kinds of gear with them when they are out for duty, mission, or training campaigns. This is because they never know when and how they might need them. Amongst all gears, handcuffs are one of the necessary equipment required by cops to catch their culprits red-handed in proximity. With handcuffs, criminals are less likely to flee preventing mishappening caused by them. Now you can understand how important it is to get the Best Police Handcuffs. But before you shop there is a wide range of handcuffs to choose from. Wanna know? Read the post given below:

Hinged handcuffs

These are amongst the most secure handcuffs ever. With the incredible design, space, and double locks these handcuffs provide an extra level of security that does not let criminals get out of it. Also, these are delineated with strong metals like silver or nickel making them resistant to fire, blades, and so on. “Smith and Wesson 100 Blued Handcuffs” from 911 Gear is a great example of these handcuffs used all over the world by officers.

Chained handcuffs

These are the most common type of handcuffs used by law enforcement officers. These handcuffs offer more mobility when compared to other types. This is because they are thin in width and are less sturdy. One of such handcuffs that you will see is peerless handcuffs featured with thin chains between two cuffs.

Bar Handcuffs

These handcuffs are used when other types are not available. It is when the criminals you caught need to travel to other cities, states, or countries. In this, you will see two cuffs connected with a solid bar instead of a chain or hinge. This solid bar makes these handcuffs one of the strongest options with less mobility.

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